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Social Studies

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Social Studies

Social Studies and the TASC


The Common Core State Standards are for ELA and Math - there are no Common Core Social Studies Standards. The TASC social studies content was developed by analyzing standards and key concepts emphasized by the several national resources and organizations. Click here for links to those resources/organizations. 


Content Areas


Similar to the science section, students will be required to have actual background knowledge going into the test. This is a big shift from the 2002 G.E.D. where the social studies and science sections are essentially reading comprehension within those content areas. On the TASC, some of the questions will require students to bring an involved understanding of historical references, contexts, perspectives etc.  Click on the domain areas below for more information.




Approximate Content


Time to 


Number of


U.S. History









70 minutes

47 Multiple







8 Stimuli    

World History



Civics & Government










These emphases may give teachers an idea of what they can focus on.

For all of the Social Studies content emphases in one printable document, click  here


Thinking Like a Historian



Best Teaching Practices




Teaching Resources




  • Teaching Channel Social Science Videos - A growing collection of videos made by social studies teachers, which demonstrate Common Core teaching practices and content being used with real students.


  • Tasks, Units and Student Work - NYC educators and national experts are developing Common Core-aligned tasks embedded in a unit of study. Educators can choose to adopt these resources in their entirety or adapt the materials to best address students’ diverse needs.  Search a growing assortment of Common Core-aligned tasks, units and student work by keyword, grade level, subject area and Common Core Learning Standard. 








Common Core Frameworks for Social Studies









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