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Common Core Resources

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Learn More About the Common Core State Standards




Common Core in Adult Basic Education (ABE) in Other States



Critiques of the Common Core 






  • Four Video Presentations by Dr. P. David Pearson from the Common Core Standards Webinar Series
    1. Research and the Common Core: Can the Romance Survive? (55 minutes) - This presentation considers the research foundations of the Common Core ELA Standards, especially as it pertains to comprehension. Professor Pearson begins with the research underlying the Standards themselves and then considers the research evidence underlying content of follow-up documents such as the Publisher's Criteria (produced by CCSS writers). Pearson then describes defensible positions which educators can take in keeping policies and practices grounded in the Standards themselves and not in supplementary recommendations that did not go through the rigorous review of the Standards themselves. 
    2. Q&A on Prior Knowledge (three minutes)
    3. Q&A on Sequencing of Grade Levels (less than 3 minutes)
    4. Q&A on Close Reading (less than 3 minutes)  























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