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ELA Resources Page

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ELA Resources

Below is a list of all activities created by CUNY Staff developers organized by the Instructional Shift they best represent.  All of these Documents and PDF's can also be accessed in the Instructional Shift wiki pages.

Complex  Text Close Reading: The Frog and the Toad
Building Background Knowledge in Content Areas  Using Images to Build Background Knowledge 
Academic Vocabulary 

Vocabulary Quiz

Dialogue with "ive" words 

Word form Chart: "les" and "ful" words

Vocabulary Word Forms

Vocabulary Guidelines

Writing from Sources 

Claim Lesson Steps 

GED and Beyond

Guidelines for Responding to ESL Student Writing

NYU Conference New GED Essay

Comparison of GED and Common Core Writing

Sample Essay with Questions GED 2014

Balancing Information and Literary Texts  Balancing Literary and Informational Texts 
Higher Order Questions and Tasks 

Essay on Qualities of a Good Friend

Siddartha Social Studies Lesson Set 



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