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Medium Emphasis


Geography: Places and Regions 

  • Explain how places are characterized by both physical and human characteristics. 
  • Describes how regions are formed and what makes them distinct. 
  • Describe how physical and human characteristics of places and regions change over time. 


Geography: Environment and Society 

  • Explain the impact of human changes to the environment. 
  • Describe how the physical environment provides opportunities and hindrances on human activities. 
  • Describe the changes that occur in the use, distribution, and importance of a resource. 


Geography: Human Systems 

  • Identify and explain how factors such as technology, politics, the economy, the environment, and history have influenced population distribution. 
  • Identify and describe the characteristics of cultures. 
  • Evaluate the functions of settlements overtime. 
  • Describe how conflict and cooperation influence the division of the Earth's surface.  


Low Emphasis


Geography: World in Spatial Terms.

Geography: Physical Systems. 


From tasctest.com:


  • The TASC test emphasizes the targets for social studies that appear most frequently on state standards for the specified domains, as indicated by the categories in the below “High Emphasis” category. 


  • Concepts in the “Medium Emphasis” items will be fully assessed within the TASC test as well, though there will be fewer questions aligned to these standards. 


  • The “Low Emphasis” category will have no more than one or two items on any given test.






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